What We Do

So, you want to embark on a wilderness river adventure with your family, group, or staff...but where do you start?

Some of the common issues and obstacles that are encountered are:

  • "I've never done anything like this before!"
  • "Where do we go?"
  • "Where do we start the trip?"
  • "Where do we end the trip?"
  • "Where do we camp along the way?"
  • "What gear do we need to be properly prepared?"
  • "Where do we get the appropriate gear, equipment, and boats?"
  • "Who is going to buy the gear, equipment, and boats we may only use once a year...or once a decade?"
  • "Once we have all the stuff, how do we get all of it to and off the river?"
  • "How do we coordinate transportation to and from the river?"
  • "How far should we go per day?"
  • "What's a reasonable distance to cover with a group of 15 versus a group of 40?"
  • "How do we deal with an emergency in the middle of the wilderness?"
  • "How do we do schedule each day to provide time to meet our trip goals?"
  • To name just a few.

C.O.R.E. Outfitters has already done all the prep work and specializes in eliminating the equipment, logistics, and financial obstacles that many groups face when wanting to adventure into the wilderness to experience God or for the simply joy of being in his creation with friends, family, or loved ones.  We can accommodate groups ranging in size from 2 to 40 and whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or have never spent a night outdoors, our staff is committed to serving each group with excellence by providing the planning, skills, and equipment necessary for you to have an amazing experience.  In other words,  NO prior outdoor or wilderness experience is required! 

What that looks like practically, is that our Staff will work with you and your group to develop a River Trip customized to your goals.  If it's a 2-day leisurely paddle while camping on sandy beaches with your extended family or a more intense 4-5 day experience for your men or women's group where each individual or group is challenged, we can design a trip that fits your needs.

We'll also work with you to incorporate whatever program tools you may be walking through with your group and design the trip to provide time for personal reflection, ministry, teaching, team building, etc. according to your needs. As part of the trip planning, we will also determine the amount of Guide interaction with your group which can vary depending on client needs. 

Once the trip logistics are sorted out, we'll provide the gear and boats your group will need to traverse the river properly equipped and prepared.  All you'll need to pack is clothes, food, and water.  We'll even provide you with a recommended packing list for clothing, food, and water as well as all the "community" gear such as cooking equipment for dinners, emergency medical supplies, SPOT GPS tracking with in-trip messaging to your loved ones back home, etc. 

Once the group is geared up and ready, our expert Guide Team will lead your group to, down, and off the river while being a support and resource for your group.

Upon arriving at the pull-out point, you'll be greeted by R.E.S.T. (River Extraction Specialist Team :) and a cooler of ice cold drinks...

All that's left is to do is load the boats, clean and return the gear, take a hot shower and cherish the experience!

"We don't rent pigs."

Capt. Augustus McCrae

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