Wilderness River Adventure Pricing

Our approach to pricing is, well, unique. 

In mid-late 2011, the Leadership Team of The Rock Ministries Group felt like a central theme was being added to the mission and culture of The Rock and each of the ministries under it.  The theme was simple:

Remove any and all barriers that hinder people from experiencing what God does in these unique environments.

One of the key barriers was, and is, finances.  So, in the Fall of 2011 the Leadership Team did two things removed the cost of associated with participating in each of the ministries of The Rock (in this case, CORE Outfitters).

In response, people often ask "So, a river trip is free if I am willing to commit?"

The answer is yes...and no.

While there is not a financial cost for the trip, you will be spending around two to five days of your life with us...and we know that money is replaceable, your time is not (and we will honor that).  Regardless of fitness or skill level, you will be challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally...after all, growth, change, and transformation occur outside of our comfort zones.

In other words, while there is no trip cost, you will invest sweat equity and will be challenged throughout the entire journey.

Provided Gear and Equipment

One of the critical obstacles for individuals and groups is not only having the right gear and equipment to do a wilderness trip, but having the right gear and equipment to enjoy it along the way. 

As the old saying goes: "There is no such thing as bad conditions...only bad gear."

Having experienced this firsthand, C.O.R.E. Outfitters uses the best gear possible...from Hobie Quest Kayaks and Aluminum Canoes to Marmot Tents and Mountainsmith Sleeping bags...we've learned that it pays to have good gear and we are committed to providing those we journey with the best gear possible for the conditions they'll encounter.

As such, C.O.R.E. Outfitters supplies the following gear and equipment for each person as a part of each trip package:

  • Canoe, paddles, and PFD's per pair OR Single-Person Kayak with seat, paddle, and PFD
  • 2-Man Marmot Tent per pair
  • River Kit per person which includes: 50 liter dry bag, 30 liter dry bag, headlamp, camp mug, camp bowl, utensils (knife, fork, spoon),  emergency poncho, and emergency whistle (which will be issued prior to launch Day 1)
  • Mountainsmith Sleeping Bag per person
  • Sleeping Pad per person
  • Tarp/Ground Cover per pair
  • We can even arrange to do community dinners "Trail-style" (which means it's food, it's hot, and there's a bunch of it :)
As a part of each trip package our Guides also carry:
  • Garmin GPS
  • SPOT GPS with real-time tracking, check-in messaging to friends or family, and 911 Emergency Services Function (i.e. brings EMS/Authorities to our location)
  • Guide Team Kits which includes back-up/emergency gear such as: First Aid Kit, Marine Epoxy, Fire Starting Materials, Water Purification Filters, Medical Trauma Kits, Paracord, Knife, Compass, Multi-Tool, etc.
  • Waterproof Handheld VHF Radios for communication between Guide Team and Group Leaders while on the river or at camp.
All You'll Need to Bring
  • Water
  • Breakfast/Lunch each day
  • Clothes
  • Any recreational stuff you'll want (fishing poles, footballs, journals, books, etc.)
That's IT!

We'll even provide you with a recommended packing list prior to the trip!

If you're feeling called to adventure or simply want to experience God's creation, contact our Staff at costaff@therockinc.com to find out more information or to start planning your adventure.

"We don't rent pigs."

Capt. Augustus McCrae

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